A REchilding Soul Circle to help reconnect you to the wildflower that you are. To re-discover the lightness of heart, pure joy, curiosity, and wonder you inhabited as a child. 

To remember who you are at a soul level before the world told you you needed to be someone different.

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Let The Light In 

Grounding Into Your Radiance

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A 4-Month Private Transformational Coaching Container for the woman who is desiring 1:1 coaching, individualized support + self-discovery, personal development, and a more multidimensional understanding of herself so that she can double-down on her most incredible qualities and bring her entire life into full alignment + authentic expression. 

A 3-Month Group Coaching Container that welcomes vulnerability in a safe space with others who have lived + understand what it means to go through hardship and come out on the other side to welcome the experience of true healing.

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The Sisterhood Collective

A holistic approach to your body + wellness. Join Stacie for a highly customized and functional program to reach your wellness goals with intention, strategy, and purpose.

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the mind-body-soul connection

"All of the work that I do is supported by the philosophy of the Mind-Body-Soul connection. The Mind-Body-Soul connection reignites our minds and bodies to allow the communication of all the systems to be in connection with one another. Whether in a Pilates or group coaching session, or hosting an event at The Mindful Body Studio, I am always asking myself: How is the mind, the body, and the soul supported here?" - Stacie Barber

what is it?

Feminine Flow & Lunar Connections Guide

Discover the deep connections of the female and lunar cycles to harness your power.


customized self-care guide

Download this expansive and deeply nourishing guide to return to your awakened self.


Client Love


"What a gift it has been getting to know Stacie! She is an incredible woman filled with so much love and light, and it’s been truly an honor to not only work with her, but to know that women like her exist." ~Zari