Coaching Programs

A 3 - month group coaching program for women to come together and ride the waves of life with grace & ease.  This Sisterhood is meant to provide a  beautiful community, safe and nurturing space, and illuminating experience to allow deep, life-changing transformations to occur.  The Sisterhood Collective includes bi-monthly group calls with Stacie, Voxer support between meetings and on-going support from the incredible group of women called to join together.  

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The Sisterhood Collective

A 4-month Private Coaching Container with Stacie, that includes 1:1 bi-monthly calls, Voxer support throughout, access to the Sisterhood Collective group coaching program and unique tools + resources that are aligned for YOUR individual path.  
Grounding Into Your Radiance is an intentional program built around the truths of the divine Laws of the Universe that set us free from the outdated, undesired voice of our subconscious. This program is built to enliven the calling of your soul's desires and lead you into the life you fully envision and deserve. 

Grounding Into Your Radiance

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Are you ready to step into the version of you that has been sending gentle whispers for transition and change?  The deep knowings and wisdom that we hold within will never steer us wrong... we just have to be ready and willing to listen. 

I would love to welcome you to book an expansive discovery call where we will explore your inner knowings  + soul's longing, so we can get clear and  real about what you truly deserve. I'll hold a sacred container for you to help honor, observe and be with all that is coming up and through, and humbly observe as you step into your light. You've been craving this deep transformation... so I call on you to begin this shift into the higher vibration of yourself.
The present moment is all we have... the time is now, I'll meet you there.


Feminine Flow & Lunar Connections Guide

Discover the deep connections of the female and lunar cycles to harness your power.



Chakra Healing Poem + Meditation

Download this expansive and deeply nourishing practice to return to your awakened self.


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Free Mindfulness Training

Learn my tips + tools to step into a more present & mindful version of yourself.

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Tuna Poke Recipe

Download my super delicious Tuna Poke Recipe that you can enjoy any day of the year.

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Client Love


What a gift it has been getting to know Stacie! She is an incredible woman filled with so much love and light, and it’s been truly an honor to not only work with her, but to know that women like her exist. -Zari