Hey love!

My name is Stacie

I am a Conscious Mindset Mentor and Transformational Life Coach for women who are ready to unveil the Truth of their inherent VALUE and WORTH and step into the next, highest version of themselves that they fully deserve.  I provide authentic support and guidance through profound Guidance + Mentorship, Containers of Transformation and Sisterhood.  I trust in the power and pure resiliency of humanity and believe we are always being called into our personal version of excellence.

I am a lover, biggest hugger you’ll ever hug, and a true Pisces at heart. Optimism is in my blood and I'm going to honor your wholeness and your strength. We will have fun, cuss a little but laugh a lot. 
It's my life purpose to guide amazing women, just like you, to step into your unique power by shedding the shame and claiming your personal legacy so you can live the life that you deserve. It's time to stop waiting for your life to start because your light is ready to shine. I'll be there with you, every step of the way.

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The Sisterhood Collective

A 3-Month Group Coaching Container for like-minded women ready to ride the waves of life with grace + ease.  


Grounding Into Your Radiance

A 4-Month Private Transformational Coaching Container for the woman ready to take the lead in her life. 


Are you ready to step into the version of you that has been sending gentle whispers for transition and change?  The deep knowings and wisdom that we hold within will never steer us wrong... we just have to be ready and willing to listen. 

I would love to welcome you to book an expansive discovery call where we will explore your inner knowings  + soul's longing, so we can get clear and  real about what you truly deserve. I'll hold a sacred container for you to help honor, observe and be with all that is coming up and through, and humbly observe as you step into your light. You've been craving this deep transformation... so I call on you to begin this shift into the higher vibration of yourself.
The present moment is all we have... the time is now, I'll meet you there.


Feminine Flow & Lunar Connections Guide

Discover the deep connections of the female and lunar cycles to harness your power.



Chakra Healing Poem + Meditation

Download this expansive and deeply nourishing practice to return to your awakened self.


I'm here to support you every step of the way

My desire is to be an avenue that enlightens their internal beauty, invites their inner goddess, and helps them to create a life that is heart centered, radiant and deeply satisfying. 

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"She has truly been one of the most influential people I have crossed paths with."

In my time knowing Stacie, I have gained a stronger sense of self and even stronger mindset. She pushes me to stay focused, motivated, and I can tell how much she truly cares. She has such a huge heart and every time I work with her, I leave feeling happier, stronger, and more ready for what life has to offer. I truly treasure Stacie as a friend, teacher, role model, and healer. 

"I would most definitely recommend working with Stacie."

From the moment I met Stacie, I felt an instant connection. She is someone who brightens every room she enters with her knowledge, beauty, soul and infectiously positive attitude. When I work with Stacie, she pushes me to break through to MY next level, which she knows is the motivation that I personally need. When I leave our sessions, I always feel positive, motivated! I appreciate that my time with Stacie is truly emotionally filling, not to mention fun. When I am in a session with Stacie, she always leads me in the right direction, while listening to what I need. -Cady

"Working with Stacie aligned my inside allowing me to live a grounded more peaceful, harmonious life."

"She opens your eyes, your inside to seeing the best version of you. It is her unique gift. And it is a gift. I am endlessly grateful for all the love & support she’s brought to my life. She sees YoU, the very best parts of you & even better she helps you see YOU. One session with Stacie will help you align your thoughts so you can be the most peaceful version of yourself. I love her to the moon & back!" -Sayra Beth