Hi there,

I'm Stacie Barber! I am an Integrative Lifestyle Coach, working with folks who are ready to unveil the truth of their inherent VALUE and WORTH and step into the next, highest version of themselves that they fully deserve. I provide authentic support and guidance through profound Guidance + Mentorship (1:1 Coaching), Containers of Sisterhood (Group Coaching), Storytelling + Inspiration (The Root + The Leaf), and Education + Instruction (Integrative Pilates + Occupational Therapy). I trust in the power and pure resiliency of humanity and believe we are always being called into our personal version of excellence. 

Using my substantial background in Occupational Therapy, Integrative Wellness (Master NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and T.I.M.E. Techniques, Mindfulness Meditation, Breathwork, Chakra Healing, Life + Wellness Coaching and Mindful Movement Instruction), I have created my signature philosophy that supports all the offerings within the Stacie Barber LifeStyle Collective: The Mind-Body-Soul Connection. I work to bring this process into all the work I do working to reignite our minds and bodies to allow the communication of all the systems to be in connection with one another. 
I am a lover, the biggest hugger you’ll ever hug, and a true Pisces at heart. Optimism is in my blood and I'm going to honor your wholeness and your strength. We will have fun, curse a little, and laugh a lot. 

It's my life purpose to guide amazing humans, just like you, to step into your unique power by shedding the shame and claiming your personal legacy so you can live the life that you deserve. It's time to stop waiting for your life to start because your light is ready to shine. I'll be there with you, every step of the way.

the mind-body-soul connection

All of the work that I do is supported by the philosophy of the Mind-Body-Soul connection. The Mind-Body-Soul connection reignites our minds and bodies to allow the communication of all the systems to be in connection with one another. Whether in a Pilates or group coaching session, or hosting an event at The Mindful Body Studio, I am always asking myself: How is the mind, the body, and the soul supported here?

what is it?

pASSIONS AND pursuits

Master Life + Success Coach - YES SUPPLY
Master NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques + Hypnosis Practitioner - YES SUPPLY
Certified Life Coach - Mentor Masterclass
Certified Health + Wellness Coach - Integrative Institute of Nutrition 
Licensed Occupational Therapist, OTR/L
Co-Owner - The Mindful Body Pilates Studio
Senior Pilates + Mindful Movement Instructor
Bowenwork Practitioner 
Reiki Level 1 

Breathwork Certification - Sacred Breath Academy
Human Design Practitioner 

How I came to this work...

What I've found to be true about hearing other stories of challenge + triumph is that within each story, there is an aspect and a reflection of our own. This is the power of being in community - seeing ourselves reflected through one another and learning more about ourselves through learning more about each other. When we realize we aren't alone or "outside" as we FEEL at times, alignment clicks in and we can suddenly SEE what's actually possible for us. Beneath all the discomfort, our desires are rooted. Our work is in the uncovering. This is my story of remembering my own roots, and architecting the life and work I'm here to contribute in a non-linear, unconventional, totally ME way.
And now, as an Integrative Lifestyle + Wellness Coach I am on a mission to help facilitate ease, connection, balance, fulfillment and joy in the lives of amazing humans who are ready to step into the next version of themselves. To find THEMSELVES again. People who are ready to release the feelings of despair, overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion.. in order to align to their true, whole, essential being. My desire is to be an avenue that enlightens their internal beauty and helps you to create a life that is heart centered, radiant and deeply satisfying. 
My work in the world includes deeply nourishing 1:1 collaborations and coaching, intimate group sessions, local and virtual workshops, hosting and speaking engagements, sharing stories on my podcast and blog, and providing education + instruction at The Mind Body Studio.
If you are ready to say yes to that small voice that has been cheering you on, I would be honored to walk that path with you. 
Join me, won't you?

Peace and light,