Hi there,

I’m so happy you are here... I would be honored to tell you a bit more about me and my passion for this transformational work...

I believe the true power behind each person’s story is in the sharing of that story. When we can authentically speak our truth and share the depths of our process with others we begin the deep healing process that is activated for ourselves and others. What I know to be true, is that we are all more alike than we are different, and when we allow ourselves to open to the power of that truth... MAGIC happens.  
I’ve always been a soul that craved exploration and lived from a space of curiosity, knowing that this big beautiful world had so much to offer. However, growing up in a home with an alcoholic and emotionally distant Father, my deeply empathic spirit began to feel heavy and internally conflicted. Not having the adequate tools to manage this deeply inset confusion, I began to look for answers in all the wrong places. I made some unhealthy decisions and choices in my teenage years that left me at ground zero. I felt alone, deeply depressed, ashamed and not sure where to turn.  

Then the light of truth came to me and reminded me that when you hit ground zero you have nowhere to go but up. I accepted that truth as mine. I began to choose myself again, intentionally and consistently. I began the necessary path of healing for my emotional, physical and spiritual body. I began to trust myself and my choices again. I felt on solid ground.  
I had a beautiful family and lived in a spectacular place in the world. I had invested in myself and my education and was working in a job that checked all the boxes… insurance, child care, benefits and security. I THOUGHT I was exactly where I was meant to be.  
Just as my life had seemed to hit a level of ease, we got the news. My Dad was dying from his disease. The relationship that had been one of the most difficult in my life needed me more than ever. As my Dad was taking his last breaths here on this Earth, a deep intuitive knowing encompassed my being. 

I truly believe that our life experience prepares us for our unique journey... it paves the way and beautifully manifests who we are meant to become in the world.

It was the knowing that this life is one to be created, paving the way that lights our souls alive. That nothing in this life can replace the joy and peace that living intentionally and on purpose can. It was the permission that I needed to step out of the conventional terms of society and pave my own way. It was the knowing that this precious life is short and it is our responsibility to give it our all. 

I look back on that time as one of the most monumental in my life’s experience and that was the catalyse for the change that my soul was calling for. In that moment I leaped into the next version of myself allowing the transformation of my spirit to enliven and evolve. I heeded the call of my life’s full expression and took the step into the unknown and that is where I found myself again. 

I believe in the beauty and exquisite uniqueness that each and every soul is sharing in this human experience. I believe in the power of transparency and uncovered truth. I believe in the power of the human spirit and the drive it provides. I believe in the power of sisterhood, intentional choice and united deep healing. I believe in the power of bringing light to the shadows, opening our hearts to see and then holding ourselves and others in powerful compassion and tenderness. I believe in the power of finding our calling, finding the thing that creates such a zest for life that it fills you up so that you can show up as your true authentic self. 

I believe in the beauty and exquisite uniqueness that each and every soul is sharing in this human experience.


Certified Life Coach - Mentor Masterclass
Certified Life + Success Coach - YES SUPPLY
Certified NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques + Hypnosis Practitioner - YES SUPPLY
Certified Health + Wellness Coach - IIN
Occupational Therapist, OTR/L
Co-Owner - The Mindful Body Pilates Studio
Pilates + GYROTONIC Senior Instructor
Bowenwork Practitioner 

Breathwork Certification - Sacred Breath Academy 

What I've found to be true about hearing other women's stories of challenge + triumph is that within each woman's story, there is an aspect and a reflection of our own. This is the power of being in sisterhood - seeing ourselves reflected through one another and learning more about ourselves through learning more about each other. When we realize we aren't alone or "outside" as we FEEL at times, alignment clicks in and we can suddenly SEE what's actually possible for us. Beneath all the discomfort, our desires are rooted. Our work is the uncovering. This is my story of remembering my own roots, and architecting the life and work I'm here to contribute in a non-linear, unconventional, totally ME way.

And now, as a Conscious Mindset Mentor and Integrative Lifestyle Coach  I am on a mission to help facilitate ease, connection, balance, fulfillment and joy in the lives of amazing women who are ready to step into the next version of themselves. To find THEMSELVES again. Women who are ready to release the feelings of despair, overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion.. in order to align to their true, whole, essential being.  
My desire is to be an avenue that enlightens their internal beauty, invites their inner goddess, and helps them to create a life that is heart centered, radiant and deeply satisfying. 

My work in the world includes deeply nourishing 1:1 collaborations, intimate group sessions, local and virtual workshops, hosting and speaking on my Transformational Talk Radio, my podcast series and beautiful retreats around the world. 

If you are ready to say yes to that small voice that has been cheering you on, I would be honored to walk that path with you. 
Join me, won't you.

Peace and light,


fun facts

about me

My husband, 100 lb Chocolate Lab and I lived on a 24 foot boat for an entire year

We have a chicken coop with chickens in our back yard 

I left my 'conventional job' that provided all the benefits and security to follow my dreams of being a Healer, Coach and Guide

I can make the coolest scallop shape with my tongue on command

Above correction... I left my conventional job as an Occupational Therapist...

I give some of the biggest and best hugs you could ever imagine

13 years ago we packed up and moved 5 hours away to start a life that we dreamed of without a plan, jobs or any security in sight

I love unconventional names and have 2 daughters named Haven + Miles 

Are you ready to step into the version of you that has been sending gentle whispers for transition and change?  The deep knowings and wisdom that we hold within will never steer us wrong... we just have to be ready and willing to listen. 

I would love to welcome you to book an expansive discovery call where we will explore your inner knowings  + soul's longing, so we can get clear and  real about what you truly deserve. I'll hold a sacred container for you to help honor, observe and be with all that is coming up and through, and humbly observe as you step into your light. You've been craving this deep transformation... so I call on you to begin this shift into the higher vibration of yourself.
The present moment is all we have... the time is now, I'll meet you there.