The Root + the Leaf is a space for storytelling, sharing, and inspiring. 
Sharing our roots, where we come from, + the leaves that have come from our growth is imperative as we learn and grow from one another. Join us each week for personal stories of growth and healing, integrated wellness tips and resources, and inspiration and clarity to leave you grounded, inspired, and energized to live out your fullest life in connection with your own mind, body, and soul.

I'm here to support you every step of the way!

My desire is to be an avenue that enlightens your internal wholeness, and helps you to create a life that is heart centered, radiant, and deeply satisfying. 

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"She has truly been one of the most influential people I have crossed paths with."

"In my time knowing Stacie, I have gained a stronger sense of self and even stronger mindset. She pushes me to stay focused, motivated, and I can tell how much she truly cares. She has such a huge heart and every time I work with her, I leave feeling happier, stronger, and more ready for what life has to offer. I truly treasure Stacie as a friend, teacher, role model, and healer." 

Let;s begin.

"I would most definitely recommend working with Stacie."

"From the moment I met Stacie, I felt an instant connection. She is someone who brightens every room she enters with her knowledge, beauty, soul and infectiously positive attitude. When I work with Stacie, she pushes me to break through to MY next level, which she knows is the motivation that I personally need. When I leave our sessions, I always feel positive, motivated! I appreciate that my time with Stacie is truly emotionally filling, not to mention fun. When I am in a session with Stacie, she always leads me in the right direction, while listening to what I need." ~Cady

"Working with Stacie aligned my inside allowing me to live a grounded more peaceful, harmonious life."

"She opens your eyes, your inside to seeing the best version of you. It is her unique gift. And it is a gift. I am endlessly grateful for all the love & support she’s brought to my life. She sees YoU, the very best parts of you & even better she helps you see YOU. One session with Stacie will help you align your thoughts so you can be the most peaceful version of yourself. I love her to the moon & back!" ~Sayra Beth